Kokybė ir patikimumas nuo 1994 metų

For 20 years Growing together ...

Main LTD Agrolitpa activity:

     Legume forage seed.
     Multi-purpose perennial forage grass seed mixtures.
     Perennial herbs technogenic (slopes, roadside, reconstructive zones) afforestation.
     Lawn grass seed mixtures.
     Certified seed corn.
     Other fodder crop seeds:
     - Maize,
     - Rape,
     - Vetch,
     - Beans,
     - Lupine,
     - Oilseeds: fodder radish, linseed, white mustard, cumin,
     - Other plants: annuals clover, California bluebell, coriander, honey and so on.
     GSC blends are green fertilization.
     Fodder crops seed propagation. Growing and buying contracts.
     Ecological fodder crops seed production development.
     Consultation grasslands of installation and use, fodder seed production issues.
     Organic and conventional farms, buying raw materials:
     - Carried out not only spice (caraway, white and black mustard, smoked coriander), but also grain, and feed material procurement, preparation and export.
     - An exceptionally increased demand for organic raw materials in foreign markets organic raw (smoked coriander, caraway, black and white mustard, wheat, spelled, buckwheat, naked oats, etc.) Purchase, preparation and export.