Buckwheat in shell (Fagopyrum) - purity 99%, moisture max 14,5%, SW >60kg/hl


Buckwheat - buckwheat (Polygonaceae), a genus of plants, which includes temporary grass. The stem is steep and juicy. The leaves are heart-shaped, shiny. Flowers are small, whitish-pink or greenish yellow, stacked bunch. Trihedral fruits nuts. Buckwheat is very wiry plant, which does not require the use of fertilizers and chemicals from a variety of weeds and pests. Buckwheat fields are considered organic. Buckwheat grains have 9.5 to 14.1%, easily assimilated protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium, 80.5 to 84.1% starch, 1.2 to 2.2% fiber, mineral salts, 1.8 to 3, 1% fat, malic and citric acids, vitamins B1, B2.