Wheat (Triticum) - purity 98-99%, moisture 10 – 14%, protein > 12 %, FN > 200s, SW > 76 kg/hl


Wheat - Poaceae (Poaceae) family genus of plants.
Annual plant. Only a few species are wild, and all the rest - culture. Wild species grows in arid steppes and semi desert areas. Cultivated species grown in almost all over the globe, but some species have narrow habitats. Of all the cereals wheat is the most common of the old culture. Middle East wild wheat for food to start collecting before 18-10 thousand. years. First domesticated form of the Middle East appears 12-9 thousand. BC. m. e. Lithuania domestication wheat start to grow from the middle Neolithic, widely spread from the middle Bronze Age. There are currently over 30 thousand wheat varieties. Lithuania cultivated Wheat (Triticum aestivum). There are also several local fertile derived variety.