White mustard seeds (Sinapis alba) - purity 98-99%, moisture 8%

White mustard
It is an annual plant, reaching up to about 1.20 m in height. The seed pods are formed, which stem from fully open almost horizontally. The seeds are yellowish-white, and came from the name of the plant. Cut or chop pinnate leaves and stem as overgrown šeriškais hairs. Umbrella kekėje focus rings are formed in the summer. White mustard is really undemanding plant. She likes dry sunny places and thrive especially well in humus calcareous loam and sandy loam soils.
White mustard is a versatile spice that is suitable to a variety of fatty meat dishes and all kinds of sausages. It is also cold and warm flavor sauces and especially harmonizes with ginger, lemon and onions. The seeds are used whole or ground into powder. About one-third of white mustard seed is oil.