Linseeds (Linum usitatissimum) - purity 98-99%, oiliness till 40%


Yearling herbaceous plant, 50-120 cm tall. The stem is slender, cylindrical. Must be happy situated, narrow leaves. Fruit - round box. Blue flowers. Seeds are small, brownish-yellow.

Flax is grown not only as a fibrous, but as with many healing properties of the plant: SEMENTI rich in fat, protein and dietary fiber, oil - rich in various vitamins, pro-vitamin A, minerals, enzymes, and so on. t.
On the other hand, flax - it's not only medicine, but also very good cosmetic measure: use or the use of flaxseed products, faster growing hair, shiny, strong, and skin - soft and sunny. Flaxseed products also promotes fat burning, suppresses appetite and helps quickly remove the food from the body. Clearly, linseed - it's not only drugs, but also natural cosmetics.